The Roaming & Travel App
Increase roaming revenues and build deeper customer relationships

Enhance your customers´ roaming and travel experiences and improve your roaming revenues with your own Roaming&Travel app.

Communicate your attractive roaming rates, help them track their data roaming usage, sell your international roaming packages and upsell your other products, reward for roaming services, give useful travel tips and much more!


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The app has a modular system; each module can be ordered separately and functions independently.

Offline mode

With the offline mode, customers can access previously downloaded content even when they are not connected to the internet.

Data tracking

When integrated, this feature helps customers monitor their data roaming consumption.


Using Geolocation, the app selects the information relevant to the customer´s current travels.

Customized style

The app will not only carry your company´s name, but will incorporate your company branding and style.

Client-controlled content

You will have full control over content, which will be supplied either via your own API or a CMS interface.

Insider´s travel guide

Our guides offer local insights that stray off the typical tourist track.

Helping your business

Raising Revenue

Sell more international roaming packages
Clearly communicate your packages and deals. Customers can easily purchase additional data bundles.

Increase roaming usage
Better awareness (transparency) of increasingly affordable roaming costs will stimulate usage.

Link the app to other products and services you offer for one-click purchasing.

Saving Costs

Churn reduction
Integrating transparency and customer care prevents bill shock and leads to customer satisfaction.

Less calls to customer care
More customer satisfaction and easy access to information reduces complaints and other demands on your customer care resources.

Reduction of credits
Clarity about billing and usage and ease of payment reduces the need to issue credits to unsatisfied customers.


These are the screenshots of the demo version. Design and navigation of the Roaming&Travel app are fully customizable and will be made in accordance to your needs and brand guidelines.

Why us

One-Stop-Shop Solution

Everything your roaming customers want and need in one app.

Modular System

The flexible system allows easy addition of new modules and functionalities.

Client-Controlled System

You have full control over all content, easily managed via a client web interface.

Support & Maintenance

Dedicated support, always. Continuous enhancements released as the market develops.


Thanks to our experience in the roaming mobile market, we know what operators and their customers on the go need.


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About Travelling Connect

Founded in 2004, Travelling Connect is a privately owned independent company located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The services of the company are now being used by more than 40 mobile operators in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

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